Monday, June 22, 2009

Making the moolah

Last week I went to Beaumont, and I spent way too much money.

So, I have a new obsession:


Somewhere in the craziness of my mind, I have decided I am going to cancel out my ridiculous spending by selling things from around my house, things I don't like or don't use or things that could fetch a good price ("Clark isn't wearing his watch, is he?" "Do we really need a daiper genie?"). You can help me on my way to self-created wealth by purchasing my unwanted junk. I'm not really sure how you go about doing this, but I'm sure the website explains it. I think you e-mail me, we meet somewhere, and we exchange cash for treasure. Because I sent e-mails to 5 friends (5 of my and Clark's e-mail addresses), I get a 7 day premiere package which includes pictures and a count of how many views my items have received. My puppy paw prints kit has receieved like 30 views! I'm just waiting for an offer!

Happy shopping!

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