Sunday, February 5, 2017

January in a Nutshell

Well, howdy! I have started several posts since the calendar changed to 2017, but with Titus being more mobile, it seems posts never make it past the draft stage. 

Below are a few videos and pictures to sum up our January!

Titus and Clark figuring out snow for the first time
Emma and Titus sledding in our backyard
 SNOW!!!! And SO much of it! We have had a white blanket on the ground for weeks, but it has just begun to melt. The temperatures dropped into single digits (in Fahrenheit!) at times, but usually fluttered slightly under freezing. Last Thursday the sun appeared and began to warm things up a bit. Clark and I were both surprised by how much we enjoyed a real winter. We have been warned that it is not quite over yet.

Snowy walks in the nature preserve in our neighborhood

Clark and I went to our first Burns' Supper in honor of Scottish poet Robert Burns. It was such a fun night filled with kilts, bagpipes,  Scottish music, dancing, Gaelic poetry reading, and food. Clark and I got all dressed up for an evening on the town, and the only picture I took was of my plate of mostly eaten haggis. I pretended the haggis was boudain, and I was able to eat it with little reservation. It was actually quite tasty!
I went on to the Burns Foundation Facebook page and found this picture of Clark and me dancing! I wore a blue skirt, not even thinking about it being the color of the Scottish flag!
Clark leading me in a Scottish fold dance

The beautiful Corinthia Hotel Ballroom

For the past two weeks, we had been battling illness at our house. The children sweetly shared a virus amongst themselves, and with the addition of ice and impassable roads, we were stuck at home for a while. Last weekend we escaped the confines of home and ventured to City Park (Varosliget). We didn't make it in time for ice skating on the pond, but we found a delightful cafe where we could watch the Zamboni clear the ice while sitting in warmth. We enjoyed a delicious Hungarian lunch of chicken paprika and goulash followed by sour cherry strudel and cappuccinos. 

After our lunch, we walked around the grounds of the Vajdahunyad Castle, a beautiful 200+ year old castle nestled in the middle of the park. 

 Though it was gorgeous, we began to get quite cold. The Szechenyi Baths were just across the street, but Clark and I weren't sure about taking all three kids for our first thermal bath experience. We hopped on the subway and headed home.

We have enjoyed Budapest during its coldest weather since 1985. Snowpants, snowboots, and heavy coats have been fun additions to our wardrobes. We know we are adapting to life here when we think 30 degrees F is warm. 

Enjoy your days wherever you are, and know that we send love and blessings from Budapest! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

World Adoption Day

November is National Adoption Month, and World Adoption Day was this past Wednesday. In celebration of our sweet boy, I made a little slide show. Adoption is an incredible thing. We are so privileged to get to love Titus.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Catch Us if You Can!

   Howdy from the multi-colored hills of Buda!

   The leaves have all changed gorgeous hues of gold, red, and orange, and the evergreens are standing tall as the air turns cooler. The sun has been hiding more often than not, but on days it appears, we make good use of our time outdoors. 

Handsome Husband and Titus surveying the land 
   This past Saturday we soaked up every ounce of sunshine we could by adventuring to a castle in a neighboring village and a lookout on top of the hill we view from our living room. It was a wonderful day full of sight-seeing and laughter. The big kids are getting really good at hiking. Clark is still feeling the burn from carrying Titus on his back the whole day. 

Emma and Ransom bundled up and looking at the village below
 We started our day at Solyamari Var (Solyamar Castle). It is the ruins of a castle originally built around 1355. For 1000 HUF (About $4 USD) we got to walk around the remains of the turrets, water tower, and imagine what it would have been like for knights to walk along the high walls. The views were lovely, and it was a nice start to our morning.

The Lookout
   Next we drove down the road and parked at the base of a hill across from our house. We followed the steep and slightly rocky path up to what we know as the Pagoda. It is a lookout on the top of the hill, and from it you can see the Danube River, Pest, and Buda. We were even able to zoom in with the camera and find our house.

Our house from the lookout

Pretty church on the hill surrounded by autumn color

People Parasailing off the hill
    We followed our hikes with a lunch of hamburgers and fries from Sunny Diner. It is a cute burger joint with "American" food and VH1 90s countdown on the TV. I think we have gone back because Clark and I like the music so much. I still haven't found a hamburger I would say was good, but if you close your eyes and pretend you're at Whataburger... No. It still isn't. But when the scenery is as great as what we get to enjoy, I really don't feel like there is much reason to complain.

   The kids are doing really well. Emma is loving 2nd grade and is making some really good friends. Ransom enjoys kindergarten, but he really doesn't see the need to go EVERY day. Titus is weighing in at a solid 29 pounds, wearing 18 month clothes and always smiling (except when you put him in his carseat). Clark and I are enjoying this season of lots of time together, and we are grateful for your prayers and love from around the globe.

    We will try to keep you posted as our time in Budapest flies by! Hugs and blessings!