Thursday, November 4, 2010

No More "Jaws Theme Song" Playing in My Head...

The surfboards are gone.

Well, they are at least on the floor in bits and pieces rather than hanging proudly as a border.

Today I chose completion over a nap, perhaps because I was embarassed when Leah came over and saw the mess, or perhaps I was challenged by what Beth Moore said last night: "Finish the work, and finish it well." While this is not the tabernacle in the wilderness, I do want this room to be a sanctuary for Emma--a place where she can find rest and come to know the love of her Savior as her mommy and daddy try to flesh it out daily. Before we moved, I purchased some of that vinyl lettering that you stick to the wall in the words of Psalm 139:14 ("I praise You, because I am wonderfully and fearfully made...") with plans to put it in the baby room. Now I'm not sure. I think I may want to put it on one of Emma's big girl room walls... As she grows from toddler to little girl to young lady, I want her to constantly be reminded that God put thought and effort into her creation, and that she is a work of art!

So, sans surfboards, it is time to choose paint and make that room beautiful for my beautiful little girl! She says she wants it to be purple... I think Clark is less intimidated by lavender than pink, so we will see...


  1. Lavender > Pink. Lavender = a Harry Potter character. Pink = well, who isn't intimidated by Pink?

  2. Ha ha Clark. Before I started reading, I thought, since the blog was under "post partum diaries" that the Jaws theme song was like my Psycho theme song that plays whenever someone heckles me or hates me at a workshop I'm teaching. I was glad Jaws was not in your head anymore, then I realized it was the guest room border. You'd think I'd be more understanding. Wish I could shred my Psycho theme song as easily. Cause we all know what happens when you heckle or hate me at a workshop..... Hope the zoo was fun-- did you bring home a monkey brother?