Friday, August 12, 2016

Things we Take for Granted in the States...

   It is important to me that my blog present you with an honest look at our adventures. Yesterday, I sincerely meant everything I said about how amazingly well we are doing. However, there are still hard moments... hard days... and the longing for comforts of what I know. A friend and I were messaging one another about the therapeutic benefits of cookie dough, and while I made a really good batch last week, I had to make my own brown sugar and I didn't have my Kitchenaid mixer.
   Perspective is a crucial part of our experience here. Clark and I know we are where God has us for a purpose, and the things that seem hard are usually fairly small in the big scheme of things. I did begin thinking up a list of things we take for granted, Americans especially.

Drying clothes in an American clothes dryer
    Our dryer does not have a vent to the outside. It spins the water out of the clothes and into a reservoir that you have to empty after each load. There are two lint filters which also require emptying after each load. Each small load requires at least 2 hours to dry, usually 4, though. We will be getting a clothes line soon.

Street signs with the names of streets
    The names of streets are written on the corner of the last building of the street. If you are walking, this is fine, but  when you are driving, this makes things a little tricky. Apparently Google Maps and other navigation helps are aware of this, because they don't even bother to tell you the names of streets on which to turn. They say silly things like, "Sharp left in 200 meters" or "Slight right in 1.7 km".

Good coffee
   I've heard people brag about Turkish coffee. We have yet to find some that does not taste like shoe leather.

Not sweet cereal
   Apparently the Hungarian people like to start their day with dessert. I am a huge fan of their pastries, particularly the sour cherry pies or alma lavalas (apple turnovers), but we are all craving some plain Cheerios.

Computers that come with Windows OS.
    That was fun. Especially since it was in Hungarian.

Accessibility to Over-the-Counter Medication
   All medications must be purchased at pharmacies, prescription or not, and not all "over-the-counter" medications are available without a prescription.

Free public restrooms
    Better keep some coins in your pocket!

Central Air Conditioning or Air Conditioned Public Spaces
    Sometimes stores have air at the front when you first walk in, but as you continue shopping toward the back of the store, you notice the air is a little warmer... and heavier... Our house has AC in the family room and in each of the bedrooms. Each one has a remote control and the ability to set the temperature and the fan speed, but if it is on, it is always on and blowing air. There is no such thing as reaching a comfortable temperature. People think we are crazy for even running our AC. Ever.

   Every now and then I may sneak in a few more things, kind of like Jimmy Fallon's "Thank You Letters", but for now, I'm going to go restart the dryer and then play with my kids.

Much Love,


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