Monday, August 9, 2010

Renovation Success!

Clark got me a fantastic early birthday present--- a new laptop!!! Yea! So now I can type wherever Emma is playing which will hopefully help me stay on top of email and blogging!

This weekend, we tackled our first renovation project! We took out the sliding glass doors on the tub in the guest bathroom and replaced them with a curved shower rod and a beautiful white "shabby chic" shower curtain! We scrubbed all the fixtures and knobs until shiny and mildew free! Clark replaced the overflow cover with a nice brushed nickel one. It is so clean and fresh looking, and the total reno came to about $40! This project has encouraged me in so many ways! It was easy, Clark and I had a fun time working on it together (family bonding), and it didn't cost much to make a big difference! My new old house has hope! :)

I will try to post pictures soon. After 4 months of no pictures, I finally bought camera batteries today, but now I can't find my camera. Figures.

Hugs to all!