Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hungary, Hungary Fertittas!

   Hello, all!

   In case you have not heard, our family of five is moving to Budapest, Hungary. Clark received an expat assignment from ExxonMobil, and we are excited to join him in this adventure. Clark has been in Budapest for 20 days (!) on his own, and the kids and I are eager to be with him, whether that be in Texas or Hungary! This post will just be a list of the important points to catch everyone up to date. Future posts will be about our excursions and experiences in a foreign country! Y'all come visit!


  • The judge granted our petition to finalize Titus's adoption early! He will officially be Titus Frederick Fertitta THIS FRIDAY, July 1st, 2016! Expect your Facebook newsfeed to be blown up with cuteness.
  • Our house sold after 4 days on the market! Hooray!
  • The movers come tomorrow. TOMORROW. In the morning they will begin packing (read wrapping plastic Barbie accessories in 20 sheets of heavy brown paper) and sorting our shipments. We get suitcases plus carry-ons for each of us, 70 cubic feet of air shipment to arrive 3-4 weeks after it's sent, and 2 containers shipped by sea to arrive about 2 months after departure. We also get climate controlled storage for all of our American items which won't be of much use to us in Hungary.
  • Clark found us a house! We will be leasing an unfurnished house in Budapest. It is about as big as our current house, so we will buy a few pieces of furniture when we get there to have some things until our sea shipment arrives.
    The view out my kitchen window

    Our street sign

  • We fly out July 12th. Clark will be with me and the kids, and we fly at night, so hopefully it will be a peaceful flight to our new home. 
  • We would love visitors! We plan to do a lot of traveling around Europe while we are there, but our house has a room just for guests, so if you would like to use us as lodging, come on! I'll cook for you!

    We love you, and we thank you for your prayers and encouragement as we begin this exciting adventure!

    *All photo credit goes to my amazing husband.