Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not yet, Mr. Ransom.

Last night, Ransom's home decided to have earthquakes (contractions) between 12:00 and 1:30 A.M.. I was pretty frightened and wished that there was an exact instruction manual for every pregnancy, much like I wish there were one for every child. With Emma Jane, I did not have a single contraction until I had been induced, so while I was pretty sure that's what I was experiencing, I kept thinking that maybe I was wrong.
When I woke up this morning, I was just achey and blah feeling. This pregnancy has been nearly a non-event. Other than Ransom's kicks and punches and my ginormous belly, I have often forgotten that I'm pregnant. My energy level has been high, and with a 2 year old, life just keeps moving! So waking up and feeling like I did concerned me. I called my OB, and she squeezed me in.
Once I got there, they weighed me--WHOA---, and took my blood pressure (122/70), just like at a normal appointment. Then I was told to undress from the waist down and cover with the "drape" (looks like a huge papertowel). I had to wait in my "drape" for quite a while, but fortunately there was a space heater in the room...
I love that I get to be the patient on whom nursing students get to learn, but I figure if this poor girl is going to become a labor and delivery nurse, she will see many more bellies and thighs in her career, so surely mine will be forgotten about... unless the image scarred her... She looked at my big belly as we listened to Ransom's heartbeat and said, "You have the perfect pregnant belly! No stretch marks!" Thank you Grandma Jane and Mom for passing on good genes for awkward moments like that.
SO-- after being checked, it was discovered that Ransom is very low and exerting a lot of pressure (I concur), and that I am actually already 50% effaced (boys don't look that up; you will be freaked out). I am to "rest" as much as possible, put my feet up every chance I get, and take it easy. Ummm... my name is Jane... and I really like to shop... and my form of nesting is all day bake-a-thons....oh, and I have a 2 year old... ?

I have to chill. I have to remember that God is completely in charge of when Ransom makes his debut. Over the next few weeks, I need to just enjoy Sesame Street with Emma Jane, picnics on the couch, playing dolls on the floor... Resting. I'm not so good at resting. But I am going to start practicing today...