Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Keeping with Tradition...

I am watching my DVRed "Throwdown" where Bobby Flay is challenging Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, and I am getting SO HUNGRY!!!!! Oh my heavens, their food looks amazing! Isn't it funny, though, how their recipies look so delicious, yet inevitably we will all have the same things we have had on our table year after year--delicious or not!

For example: The only person in my family who likes marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes is my dad, but year after year, we have a 9x13 dish of the casserole leaving the rest of us to scrape the marshmallows to the side... How about green bean casserole? I am lusting over the roasted brussel sprouts I see these chefs prepare, but I am pretty sure there will be cream of mushroom soup covering canned green beans wherever my hungry self lights Thanksgivng Day.

Maybe for Emma's 2nd birthday I will prepare a Thanksgiving Feast using only recipies I have never done before... ??? That could be fun! AND TASTY!!!!

PS: If you haven't received a text or seen on facebook, we are having a BOY!!!! And, boy, was he proud of the parts that make him male! As soon as the technician began the ultrasound, there he was, in all his glory! Later he was even kind enough to move his hand down to display his goods.

I didn't have a prefrence, but I am so excited to think of Emma having a brother. I just think how much I love my brother, and the special bond Emma and her little brother will have. I also feel like Clark will have his boy, and even though he says he would have been just as thrilled with a girl, I feel like he will be happy to have his mini-me. So as far as names go, we are thinking Anthony Ransom Fertitta, and he would be called Ransom. Ransom is actually my Grandma Jane's middle name, and her father got the name from Thomas E. G. Ransom, a general of the Union Army in the Civil War. Ransom in means "warrior's shield" or "deliverance, rescue" and is of English origin.

The little guy is moving right now. What a wonderful feeling!!! Emma is waking up from a 3 hour nap... Life is good! Thank you, God, for all the blessings and privileges you have given me. I pray that I will be a good steward of all you entrust to me.

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