Thursday, March 17, 2011

Music to My [daughter's] [h]ear[t]s

This morning, Emma and I had to get out of the house kind of quick because the housecleaners came early, and I do not like being there while they work. I feel like I should be doing what they are doing. I know they are getting paid, and I am too hippo-like to scrub the shower or tub, but still...
ANYWAY- We headed to Starbucks (or as Emma calls it, THE Coffee Store) for my morning caffeine fix and a mish mash for Emma. Up by the register, they had the new Adele CD, which I've been meaning to purchase on Itunes. I thought, "Well, this way I can listen to it now rather than waiting until I have burned a CD or put it on my IPod..." So I bought it.
Emma and I headed back to the car with our vanilla soy late, 2 mish mashes, and CD. In the car, I quickly unwrapped "21", ejected "A Charlie Brown Christmas" from the changer, and inserted the gift to myself. The first song is "Rolling in the Deep", a catchy tune that Emma instantly started bobbing to. As we drove to a friend's house, she kept moving and grooving until song 2 came on.
She said, "Mommy, this song about Jesus?"
"Ummm... no, baby. This song is about a boy."
Quiet from the backseat...
"Mommy, this sad."
"What's sad baby?"
"Mommy, this song sad. Listen to Jesus music. Not sad."

I know it was a short conversation, but in that moment, I felt like my two year old had said so much. How much of an influence does music have on our mood or our thought process? This song was in a minor key talking about broken relationships, jealousy, and hurt. My two year old couldn't understand all of the lyrics, but she could deduct from the words she caught and the tune that something wasn't right, and it led her to feel sad. The songs my little girl wanted to listen to were about Jesus.

I put on David Crowder.
"Mommy, this Jesus music. Happy big Jesus music."
"Yes, baby. This is Jesus music."

She danced and talked happily the rest of the car ride.

I'm not saying I won't listen to my Adele CD, but when I do, and I will think of how it is effecting me and anyone else who can hear it, and I will be sure that I give equal playtime to some good "Big Jesus music".

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