Friday, February 19, 2016

In the Que (aka Still Waiting)

 I thought by this time I would be posting pictures of tiny baby toes and announcements of length and weight. It is a surreal thing to be ten months pregnant while someone else is carrying the baby. Titus is 6 days past his due date. At Melanie's doctor appointment yesterday, they made plans to induce either Monday or Tuesday. While it is hard for me to be patient, there is this strange end in sight. Emma asked last night, "What if Titus doesn't come until 2017?" Because Melanie is not an elephant, I expect Titus to come before then. (Poor elephants...   Animals with Really Long Gestational Times )

 I am learning so much in all of this. I am learning to look for praises in the midst of the waiting. 
  • There were two days in February where Clark would not possibly have been able to leave work and be with me in Houston. Praise: We have passed those days! He can be there! 
  • Ransom had a bad cold this past week. Praise: I got to cuddle and focus on taking care of him and I get to bring a newborn home to a healthy family!
  • My dad was here since Monday evening. Praise: He now knows well the ins and outs of our weekly routines and feels confident in being the substitute mom!
  • My house was a bit messy. Praise: Nesting happens even for adoptive moms! This is the cleanest my house has been in a long time!
  One of the praises I am most thankful for is the support and encouragement we have received from friends and family. As we wait, they pray, they gain understanding regarding our adoption, they support us with love and encouragement, and they are present. 
  Waiting is hard, but I believe God's timing is perfect. He is using this time to add weight to Titus's tiny body, to strengthen his lungs, and to prepare us to be his family. 
   Please continue to pray for Melanie as she carries this sweet boy. Pray for her health, strength, and peace in the days to come. 

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