Monday, January 24, 2011

10 weeks

Anthony Ransom Fertitta is due to make an appearance in about 10 weeks, and there is much to be done before his arrival. I, however, have found my favorite spot in our house (my yellow chair in the window corner to the left of the fireplace), and productivity is sure to be on a decline.

It is strange how little I have focused on this pregnancy and, more specifically, on Ransom, over the past 30 weeks. With Emma Jane, I paused to feel every single twitch and hiccup. I would sing to her to make those pesky hiccups go away. I read baby book after baby book to learn all I could about how to be a mommy (ha). At this point, her clothes were hung neatly in her closet awaiting her precious arrival. I think her carseat was even snapped in its safest position in the car.

So this time, is it because I have a 2 year old or because I've done this before that I am just really not consumed by the pregnancy???? In fact, I am looking forward to not being pregnant and to him being here so that I am awakened by tiny cries in the night instead of punts and field goals on my right side.

I am grateful to think, though, that when Ransom does get here, he will not only have a mommy who is incredibly in love and in awe with him, but he will also have a sister who has waited with eager anticipation for this month called April to arrive, when Mommy and Daddy said Ransom was coming. I know how much I love my brother, and it gives me great joy to think of how much Emma is going to love hers as she touches my belly and says, "Good morning, Ransom!" She tells me she is going to play peek-a-boo with him... give him bottles... share her pacifiers... So while he may not be receiving the attention Emma did in the womb, he for sure will get the love she did upon arrival.

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