Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bedtime prayers

Dear Lord,
When we get to Heaven, will the laughter of babies float sweetly among the angel choruses? Blue plastic bathtubs and flower watering cans may not be a part of the heavenly decor, but surely the joy that causes splashing hands and gummy grins will spring forth from our hearts, happy to be home.

One of Emma's bottom teeth is showing through her tender gums, and I feel excited, anticipating all the learning and development to come. Do you feel that way toward me? When I take a step in my faith, when I mature, are You excited?

I want to rejoice and be glad in every day You have made. You have entrusted me with the great privilege and responsibility of being a mommy. Thank you for this opportunity.

My heart's prayer will continue to be this: Please bring Emma to salvation at a young age. Help her to fall in love with You and Your Word in the years when it is easy to stray. Help Clark and me to be accepting of Your will for her life, whatever it may be. Thank you for the blessing that she is.

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