Saturday, June 13, 2009

Motherhood is a fascinating club. Rarely do you find such a group of exhausted women able to drive large vehicles, put pacifiers in mouths without looking, talk on the phone, and still get where they should be going without even having finished a full cup of coffee. Parenting is a fascinating experiement... Every choice is really a hypothesis based on previous theory which either leads to a positive conclusion or a new hypothesis. For example: Hypothesis: If I use teething tablets, Emma's gums will stop hurting. Conclusion: Teething tablets are good for temporary relief of teething pain (approximately 15 minutes). Hypothesis: If I give Emma applesauce, her tummy will feel better. Conclusion: Loose bowel movements are encouraged by sugar which is found in fruit. Hypothesis: If I give Emma noodles that I puree with olive oil and salt, her tummy will feel better. Conclusion: I have no idea if her tummy feels better, but she is a fan of pasta!
I am still amazed by the fact that the Lord knows the answer to every question, and yet He gives us the privilege of figuring things out step by step. Why has He trusted me with such a wonderful little girl??? Thank you, God, for Your omnipotence and Your patience. And thank you for teething tablets.

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