Monday, June 1, 2009

It is already 8:47 on Monday evening! Whew!

Friday night I had the joy of taking Emma to watch her daddy play softball! The guys in our Sunday school class are in a church league, and the wives and babies go and cheer them on. This was my first game to attend since it was the first one before 9:00 since I've been a happy person, and unfortunately it was their last of the season. It was soooooooooo much fun! They were really bad. The night started with an umpire yelling at my husband and two other guys, saying, "I've told you high school guys before that you can't play on this field." They politely explained that they were here to play as a B team in the church league, and after he noticed the wives and babies, he stopped chasing them off. Then the team we were playing arrived. They were men in their forties to sixties with gray hair and knee braces. As they walked by the bleachers where the wives were sitting we could hear them mumbling about how young these guys were and how badly they thought they would be beat. Little did they know that most of our twenty year old husbands were in the band rather than on the football team. As the game began, it was obvious that our sweet spouses had more experience with computer keyboards than batting cages and more spirit than skill. They gave it their all and seemed to have a really good time. One of my favorite parts was how proudly the girls would shout for their not-so-athletic batter/fielder, as though they had just hit a homerun at Yankee Stadium or fielded the most cruicial out. Our guys did put forth a valiant effort, losing by only two runs. Afterword we went to the Wolfram's house for ice cream sundaes and fellowship. I was struck by how wonderful it is to have great friends who really love their mates as much as I do, even if they aren't going to be drafted into the major leagues any time soon.

Saturday=Supper 6 with the Smithsons and Meriwethers at our house (Yea for Stouffer's lasagna and green bean bundles.
Sunday=Slept until 7:00 (thanks Emma!), leisurely ate breakfast, got ready, Sunday school, church, Los Cucos with wonderful friends, home for an hour and a half, to the Pearce's for burgers and a youth workers' planning meeting, then to the Burris's until way past Clark's bedtime
Monday=LAUNDRY. And now it is 9:00, and I think I will join my star athlete in bed! Goodnight!

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