Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today I took note of the projects I have started or in which I have invested some time and/or money, and I noted how many of those projects have reached completion, and I have determined I have Attention Deficit Disorder.

I bought tons of flowers, ribbon, and clips because I was going to go into the bow making business (at least for Emma Jane). I think I made maybe 5 bows, 3 of which I gave away... The flowers and ribbon are in my craft closet waiting to be used.

I bought yards of assorted flannel to make baby blankets for shower gifts. The flannel is folded neatly, untouched, ungifted, in my craft closet.

Emma's big girl room, currently a guest room, has a nardly surfboard border wrapping around the 4 walls. The first step in getting this room ready for Emma is taking this horrendous border down. About 3 weeks ago, I pulled up a corner just to see how well stuck it was. Three days ago, I tried the fabric softener/water trick. Tonight I tried the iron. As of right now, one wall is done. This is the furthest I have gotten on a remodeling project other than taking out the shower door, but Clark helped on that one.

At MOPS last Wednesday, we made these super cool clip boards that I decided I would make some more of for Christmas gifts. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought all the materials (Modge Podge, scrapbook paper, embellishments, etc.) minus the actual clipboards. I figure I will get those at Wal-Mart when I can set aside my dislike of that store and go there.

Just Friday I went to Hobby Lobby and splurged on 6 yards of beautiful decorator fabric to make curtains for the playroom. It is still in the Hobby Lobby bags in my room. I did, however, move a desk and my sewing machine into my room, showing I have great intentions...

Looking at this post is overwhelming! There are so many fun things (yes, these things seem fun to me) that I want to do, but just so little time to get them done. I go from one good thought to another, reaching completion on so few! The craft stores have got to LOVE me!!!!! Imagine the shoes I could buy with the money I would save from not having as many crafty compulsions!

My goal for tomorrow: During Emma's nap time, do my Bible study, and then get out of this comfy yellow chair and get my butt up to the guest room and de-surfboard at least one more wall! I will try to post tomorrow evening to see what really gets done!

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