Monday, October 25, 2010

Surf's Up!

This is the border that the previous residents thought was a good idea. It is also the border that Fannie Mae thought was so great they would take the time to paint around it (they painted right over all but one other-- the turtle mosaic in the guest bath--equally impressive).

This is what I discovered when I removed the border! The khaki on top is the paint color original to the house. The blue is the color the room was to coordinate with the surf board border. The WHOLE ENTIRE ROOM (minus the border) was that color blue.

Wall one: completed.
I started wall 2 during Emma's nap today, and I hoped to have it finished before I went to bed tonight. HOWEVER... Emma choked on a Nilla Wafer in the car on the way home from the store and threw up in her carseat. Later on this evening, Clark, while helping me look for something, knocked my glass grease jar onto the kitchen tile. Then, the Cowboys game was on, so I got bath duty. Because these "projects" got a lot of unplanned attention, normal chores have been pushed to this time instead of continuing my dewallpapering, but hopefully I will get much done tomorrow!

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