Monday, December 6, 2010

I Believe it was My Great Grandfather who said, "Your Bladder is Behind Your Eyes"

Okay... These pregnancy hormones are turning me into a total sap. Examples below.

1. Clark went to work today--a totally normal occurrance. As he was backing out of the driveway, I got teary and thought of all the wonderful ways he took care of me this weekend and what a fabulous daddy he is and how blessed Emma and I are to have him, etc. etc. etc., and I got all teary. I told Emma, "Let's pray for Daddy," and I led Emma in a choked up prayer about her wonderful daddy.

P.S.: He is coming home today... normal time... I'm just crazy.

2. As Emma Jane was eating her vegetable soup for lunch, she decided to be brave and try the carrots and potatoes, normally completely avoided. She said, "YUM! Like it!" and kept eating them, and my eyes got all watery, and I thought I was going to cry because I was so proud.

?!?!?! It was carrots. Really, Katelyn?

3. Naptime arrived. I took Em upstairs and was going to read to her, but she asked for her paci, and she said, "Mommy, rock you?" Normally she just lies down and falls asleep on her own for her naps, but I couldn't resist. My eyes again began to water, and I said, "Of course Mommy will rock you!" She fell asleep within two minutes, but I just kept rocking her and thinking about the fact that I only have 4 more months of just Emma and Mommy time. I know I'm going to like this little squirmy boy living inside of me right now, but I already love Emma Jane SO much. It is hard to fathom loving another equally. Ugh. I'm getting weepy just typing about it!

If I hadn't just finished a stomach bug, I would be scarfing down double stuffed oreos and telling these hormones to suck it up. But, alas, a tender tummy calls for Jello and a day of surrendering to watery eyes. Maybe I can watch Beauty and the Beast and just get all the tears out in one fail swoop.

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  1. I totally understand girl! When I was pregnant w/ Hunter I freaked out b/c it would no longer be just Holly and I. It is going to be the best feeling ever the first time you see Emma love on or kiss her baby brother.
    Oh great! Thanks girly! Now I am all teary eyed! The hormones don't go away. I still cry at totally random, not suppose to cry, stuff!