Friday, December 3, 2010

Messy House, Warm Hearts

Note to self: Never try to force a strong-willed, nearly 2 year old to take a nap when she is really not very tired. Inevitably, frustration will ensue.

Our house feels like it's closing in on me as I am between seasons decorating-wise... I have the tubs out from my fall decor. I keep finding pumpkins and leaves in places I had forgotten about, so I have to keep tossing them in the giant tupperware container. I also have my Christmas tubs out since I have begun to decorate for my favorite time of the year. The mantle is mostly decorated, I have the Nativity up, our 10 foot tree is in place, but the rest of the happy holiday goodness is hidden under red lids in my den, playroom, and closet. I may claim tonight as a "get'er done" kind of night...

Emma has been incredibly cuddly today. She has started leaning against me periodically and just saying, "Miss you." Heart melts. Of course I missed her, too, while I was making my coffee, folding clothes, or starting another load of wash! It makes me really stop and try to give her the attention her little heart craves and deserves. Emma has a friend over this afternoon (they are both napping now-- I'm not just ignoring them to type...), so when they wake up, we are going to make tri-bead ornaments (or so that's the plan). I want to give them both a lot of love and attention... I mean, what could I really be doing that's more important? Getting stuff out of the red Christmas tubs? Nah. We will just go to a room that is not yet closing in on me and ignore the mess until little hearts are sleeping this evening. Thank you, God, that you have given me the privilege of being hugged and missed by a curly-headed two year old.

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